Some information about this site

(And its Webmaster)

All design and code by Johan Groth. The page is coded in HTML 4.01 STRICT (Press the icon to the left to validate) with valid CSS 2.1 design.

To get this site 100% valid by HTML 4 standards, I had to lose the frames! Although frames can be used in valid HTML 4, there is *no* way to remove the irritating space between the frames (2-6 pixels, depending on browser) that shows up unless you specify a BORDER or FRAMESPACING attribute - both of which are invalid ones!!

The next step is to migrate to XHTML, which is a daunting task. However, I think that with a perfectly valid HTML 4.01 STRICT structure, it will be fairly easy.

I started designing this page using the ultra-lite "CuteHTML" which is included with CuteFTP. However, even though I still code virtually all HTML by hand (i.e. no WYSIWYG-tools) I found that an editor with slightly more functionality would be nice, hence the switch to HTMLPad 2004.

By the way, I installed Mozilla Firefox 1.0 today and because of that I had to recode the webpage a little bit, because it turns out my CSS was only IE-compatbile. (Blatantly obvious if you look at the main pages, i.e. not the /johan/ pages.) There are still some question marks, because the CSS parsing in Firefox does a LOT of things differently from IE, so I need to revise more stuff. In the meantime, I shall start working on recoding the rest of the website to valid HTML/CSS.

Johan Groth, November 2004.