Trip to Hakone and Okutamako

2004-11-20 to 2004-11-21
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Nice view from a hilltop in Hakone Hikaru on a hill in Hakone A replica of the French pirate ship Royale, which will take us around Lake Ashi Hikaru inside the Royale Enjoying the brisk winds of Lake Ashi!
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Hikaru taking a break from pirating A view from Lake Ashi Poor quality image of a replica of the Swedish ship Vasa A nice river-scene near Lake Okutama More nature scenes from near Lake Okutama
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Showing a nice view of the hills around Lake Okutama (More of the same) (More of the same) Except for that glimpse of the road sign, I believe this is a near perfect nature photo! Funny looking mountain near Lake Okutama
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